Still Renders

an abstract orange planet with a hexagonal extrusion pattern generated through cellular automata. the planet is surrounded by rings of asteroids and stars and colorful nebula are visible in the space behind it. a bowl of noodles with tomatos resting on a patterned placemat next to some chopsticks on a wooden table. an abstract glowing orange moth creature with dozens of tendrils spreading out in the fog behind it as it hovers ominously over a metallic hexagonal ground. an orange delivery drone with 'Pidgeon' written on its side flying through the air carrying a cardboard package a dark dungeon with a mimic taking the form of a wooden crate showing its sharp fanged teeth and massive wet tongue a white tower with a red roof sitting on top of a hill. patches of forest cover the bright green hilly landscape and a path starting at the towers door snakes off into the distance where bright fluffy clouds are visible against the sky. a person standing on a concrete walkway looks over at a waterside city built on a strange reddish landscape. two massive flying spaceships are visible in the sky along with smaller flying crafts. strange mechanical walkers can be seen in the distance dotted across the landscape. a procedurally generated maze with sand paths and walls made of wood.